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    • 09 Feb 2021
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    By the time President Biden is done, over 3,000 people in Washington DC will have been appointed to a new job based on his selection or recommendation to run the federal agencies, with over 1/3rd of them in agencies that directly affect healthcare, health insurance, or employer based coverage rules. What changes have they telegraphed are important to them, and with the current modest Congressional Majorities, what can they actually do? More importantly, what do those changes mean to us?


    Michael R. Bertaut, MBA, CHC, PAHM

    Michael is a Certified Health Consultant and Professional of the Academy of Healthcare Management. He has 30+ years of analytical experience in the Healthcare, Telecom, and Retail Industry Sectors.

    On the ground in Washington DC when the Affordable Care Act was negotiated and intimately involved in analyzing subsequent healthcare legislation, Michael has engaged in over 1,200 public discussions on Healthcare Costs and the Impact of Reform since 2009, averaging over 120 events per year. In era of COVID-19 and emergency orders, Mike has transitioned seamlessly to webinar formats and can address groups via Webex, Teams, Skype, or Zoom as necessary.

    Michael is currently employed as the Senior Healthcare Economist and Exchange Coordinator for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana.

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