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  • February Webinar:Patient Engagement and Etiquette

February Webinar:Patient Engagement and Etiquette

  • 12 Feb 2019
  • 12:00 PM
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Patient Engagement and Etiquette


One of the hottest topics in policymaking today, patient engagement will have a significant impact on provider outcomes and reimbursement. Clinicians voice frustration with lack of protocol adherence and following advice. Patients complain of access barriers that once overcome result in a lack education as well as one-sided decision-making that fails to consider their needs and circumstances. Both have good points. Through a multi-dimensional approach, the two ends can be connected to produce a healthier community. The cultural shift to patient-centeredness spotlights communication that can ease misconceptions and harmonize the provider-patient relationship. A critical element impacting reimbursement, public ratings and overall quality, this session will explore these issues and offer patient etiquette considerations designed to strengthen practice rapport with the patients you serve. 
Objectives: By the end of the presentation, attendees will be able to: 
•Identify payer and policy trends in the growing call for patient-centered care delivery. 
•Compile patient etiquette techniques designed to balance the provider-patient relationship. 
•Evaluate patient engagement strategies and models used to promote the provider-patient relationship. 

As the national director of provider innovation strategies, Adele Allison monitors healthcare reform for DST System’s health solutions division and is a legislative/regulatory subject matter expert. Having served as the co-chair of the HHS ONC Beacon-EHR Vendor Affinity Group, Adele is a member of HHS’ WEDI board of directors and current co-chair for the WEDI Payment Models Workgroup, Allison has nearly 30 years of healthcare experience and is an active participant with HHS’ HCPLAN. A published author, Allison is a member of UAB’s advisory board on curriculum development and served on UAB’s HITECH Committee for health IT curriculum development; and, is the president-elect for the board of directors for Alabama HIMSS


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