Speaker Handouts

 Julie Laperouse

General Session I- Jones Laughlin- Juggling Elephants Handout

General Session II- Justin Caudle- MACRA 2018 Proposed Rule  MACRA 2

Breakout Session- Jones Laughlin - Connecting Workaholics, Whiners and Slackers on Matters of Productivity 

Breakout Session- Glenn Eiserloh- Glenn Eiserloh- Workplace Violence Prevention

Breakout Session- Jennifer Thompson and Chris Hall- HR Employment Law Update

General Session- Clay Countryman and Jeff Richards - Compliance Discussion General HHS OIG Strike Force

Breakout Session- Jennifer Thompson- OSHA

Breakout Session- Stacie Jenkins- The Core of Outpatient Antibiotic Stewardship

Breakout Session- Cameron Cox- Taking Control of Your Practice's Online Presence

Breakout Session- Suzanne Falk- MGMA Washington Update

General Session- Cameron Cox- The Next Frontier



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